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is a non-profit Philanthropic Association of Cooperation and Education/Training for Human Development, in a multidimensional perspective, created by initiative of Hélène Abiassi, its founder, consisting of all its Associates who share the taste and respect for Multidimensional Therapy, in a pedagogical and spiritual perspective, and also in an integrative or complementary vision, responding to the balance of health and well-being.

The Institutional Mission of APTMD, as a Philanthropic Association
Focused on human development, is to ‘Promote peace, harmony, and, through the heart and love, allow the action of Beings of Light on planet Earth’.

Connected with the reality of this time and considering what has already been achieved in its years of action, APTMD assumes as its Institutional Vision the challenge of ‘Congregating all the
Therapists and Trainers in a single network of hearts united for peace’.

APTMD shares values that permeate its institutional relationships
and guide the philanthropic activities and Education/Training of the institution. Following the fundamental principles
brought by its founder Hélène Abiassi, and on a scale of priorities, selects Respect, Collaboration, Trust, Joy, and Integrity as its Institutional Values, solid beacons to guide it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a vibrational therapy where the heart works as the key to remove the blockages, opening the door of the “I” to Unconditional Love. This therapy was channeled by Helene Abiassi, where all the information on how they work in healing was transmitted by the Spiritual Masters and Beings of Light. In this therapy, the therapist acts as a mediator between the client and the Beings of Light or Healing Team, donating energy so that this Team can act to effect the permitted and necessary healings in the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional fields. When we are focused on our Heart, the Multidimensional Therapy Healing Teams can act in many ways: they can restore the energies of peace and forgiveness that may be out of balance, rescind contracts, pacts, and vows (from time immemorial or the present) that are unconsciously influencing our current choices, they can align and stabilize chakras, restore energetic bodies, rescue parts of our soul, transmute traumatic memories. In short, infinite possibilities open up when we are in the Heart. After this therapy we feel lighter, more harmonized, and can be in the present in a fuller and more loving way. The primary goal is the expansion of consciousness and ascension of Beings so that we have the New Earth in the here and now.

Hélène Abiassi was born outside Paris, France, in 1955, the daughter of a French woman and an African father from Benin. She has 3 children and 1 grandchild. He began contacting other dimensions and communicating with other worlds at the age of 32, with the help of Beings of Light. Hélène Abiassi has been receiving Multidimensional Therapy from the heart energies for 28 years, through practices and channeling. In Portugal he began his conscious work of ascension, which he has been transmitting to various places around the world. Helene Abiassi is the author of:

  • Multidimensional Heart (2020)
  • Moment of Peace (2021)
  • Peace Agenda 2021
  • Peace Agenda 2022
  • Multidimensional Heart (2022)

Every month APTMD organizes open practices to ask questions and practice Multidimensional Therapy together. And we also have the communities on Facebook and Telegram. You can take part by clicking here.

APTMD frequently conducts multidimensional therapy practices with Helene Abiassi, Majda Machraa, or other certified Facilitators.
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The book clubs are projects of the training partners in partnership with APTMD and are currently exclusive to Multidimensional Therapists.

Every month APTMD organizes practices with the members to ask questions and practice Multidimensional Therapy together. And we also have the exclusive communities on Facebook and Telegram.

The applications to trainers take place at two times to year. You can apply here!

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