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APTMD International Congress

The Portuguese Association of Multidimensional Therapists, in collaboration with Welcome Home Azores, organizes the 1st APTMD International Congress. With the intention of bringing Multidimensional Therapists together and having a unique experience of heart connection and sharing. Participating in this Congress is an important step in expanding your professional practice, allowing you to increase your knowledge, share experiences and network with colleagues from around the world. Participate in this unique event, receive the initiations of Archangel Michael and live a transforming experience!

Participates in the I APTMD International Congress

Live this unique experience!

The Azores Island is a natural paradise, where the beauty and tranquility of its scenery will provide an unforgettable experience for all participants. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case of withdrawal the option is non-refundable and all amounts are due.

It is considered a group reservation, so once the reservation is made, we do not accept cancellations since the value was assigned according to the minimum number of participants.

Payment can be made in a phased manner:

Registration with payment of 20% of the total value – 285€.

Remaining Payments:
Until January 6 – $285
Until March 6 – payment of 30% – 428
Until April 6 – payment of 30% – 430

Yes. Spaces are LIMITED so the trip takes place with the minimum number of participants.