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Who Are We?

The APTMD, Portuguese Association of Multidimensional Therapy, was founded on May 13, 2016, with the goal of bringing together all Multidimensional Therapy therapists and trainers. Our intention is to spread Multidimensional Therapy within the fundamental and original principles, according to the guidance of Hélène Abiassi, co-creator of the technique.

APTMD – Portuguese Association of Multidimensional Therapy

The Mission of APTMD, as a Philanthropic Association focused on human development, is “To promote peace, harmony and, through the heart and love, allow the action of Light beings on planet earth”.

May love be the deepest mark in all that is thought, done, and experienced.

Hélène Abiassi

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Meditação de Amor | Corina Pellizzer de Paiva

Meditação de Amor ancorada na energia da Terapia Multidimensional. Nos conectamos a energia de amor e permitimos que os seres de luz trabalhem no que se faz necessário e fazemos...

[AVEIRO] Workshop de Terapia Multidimensional com Hélène Abiassi

Workshop Terapia Multidimensional Aveiro - Presencial - 3 e 4 AgostoA terapia multidimensional é um tratamento energético complementar e integrativo. O coração do terapeuta multidimensional serve de canal energético entre...