Become a TMD Trainer

Every year, APTMD organizes the training for multidimensional therapy trainers. It’s a unique moment in which, if you are a multidimensional therapist, we invite you to delve deeper into the world of the heart.
Have you felt the desire to train new therapists?
Do you wish to experience group practices in a safe manner?
New codes and various tools will be made available to you so you can practice safely.
You will have our guidance, receiving detailed instructions on how to plan and conduct your Workshop, as well as exclusive content on the best practices in multidimensional therapy.

This is a unique opportunity to receive initiations directly from the Mother of Multidimensional Therapy, Helene Abiassi, assisted by her son, Bilal Machraa.

What you will learn:

Develop and deepen Self-healing to Teach.

This course is an energetic necessity for those who aspire to train multidimensional therapists in a safe and effective manner. All the work is channeled by the ascended masters, respecting the individuality and spiritual nature of each participant. It’s a unique and personalized experience.

Practical Exercises and Initiations.

In a welcoming and supportive environment, you will receive several channeled initiations that will give you the ability to transmit initiations, guide meditations, and also develop the strength to lead collective activities.

Group Practical Training

All participants will be trained in practice, in groups, to guide meditations and initiations during the course.

Support Material.

Texts and other resources will be provided to facilitate the teaching of Multidimensional Therapy.
After the workshop, the new trainer will be energetically connected to a team of multidimensional therapy trainers in other dimensions, ensuring that they can teach under perfect conditions.

Unique Opportunity.

The training for trainers moment is a unique opportunity to receive the initiations directly from the Mother of Multidimensional Therapy, Helene Abiassi, assisted by her son, Bilal Machraa. teach under perfect conditions.

Requirements to become a TMD Trainer

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Class H from November 9 to 12, 2023.
Trainer training in an online format and during working hours:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
🇵🇹 Portugal
Start: 11 AM | End: 6 PM.
🇧🇷 Brasil
Start: 7 AM | End: 2 PM.


•Includes Certificate

Adults – 798€ (approximately R$4200).
Renewal – 398€ (around R$2300) (the renewal includes 2 semesters of APTMD membership fees)