Canalization Workshop Certificates


Este workshop tem mais do que 1 Formador?
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Se não, deixa VAZIO.


To proceed with your application, you must first make the donation to issue the certificates, after that step, your balance is automatically updated and you can proceed to the next steps.

  1. To issue the certificate you need to have a balance and for that you can click on the
  2. When you update your balance you can go ahead and choose if your training is with 2 trainers, if yes, in the field above you must inform the partner trainer’s associate number or email, if this is not your option, just leave the field blank;
  3. After you proceed you have a form and before you fill it out with your workshop information, you must decide if the certificates will be digitally signed, in which case you have two options:

    Upload your signature image
    If you check this option, all certificates you create will be digitally signed and automatically sent to you and your trainee;
    Leave the check box empty, all certificates without digital signature will be available in your email for you to print. In this option, only you receive the certificate by email and without signature.
  4. Regardless of your choice, with digital signature or without digital signature, you will always receive in your e-mail a copy of the issued certificates, and you will be able to check all certificates in your reserved area “List Issued Certificates”;
  5. On the form you also have the option to issue a certificate for a minor, however you must check the box that asks if the consent form has been filled out by the minor’s guardian;
  6. The trainee’s email field must be filled in with a valid email to which the trainee has access;
  7. After your certificate set is issued your balance is updated;
  8. If you want to issue certificates for printing and also with digital signature, it will be possible, as long as you make separate sets, i.e., you must make a set of certificates with digital signature and after issuing them, create another set without checking the digital signature box;
  9. If you have any questions, do not proceed with issuing the certificates, send an email to

Thanks for reading before moving on!!!