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Every month APTMD organizes open practices to ask questions and practice Multidimensional Therapy together. And we also have the communities on Facebook and Telegram. You can take part by clicking here.

APTMD frequently conducts multidimensional therapy practices with Helene Abiassi, Majda Machraa, or other certified Facilitators.
You can sign up for free here.

As a therapist member you can click here(https://aptmd.pt/associados/localizador) and locate your name in the APTMD database. If you are not yet a member, you can open a personalized support request here(https://aptmd.pt/suporte/)

Your data is for our internal record only, and so that in the future, should you wish to train as a Multidimensional Therapy Trainer, we can know by whom you were trained, how and when. If any customer asks if you are trained by APTMD standards, we can also clarify that you are because you will be on our records. You can also get more information about your data by going to our Privacy Policy page.

The book clubs are projects of the training partners in partnership with APTMD and are currently exclusive to Multidimensional Therapists.

The applications to trainers take place at two times to year. You can apply here!

You can view the events on our Portal under Media/Events.

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